Welcome finally to the Teignmouth Carnival Photo's. Firstly, thank you all for being so patient, waiting for the photos to become available. I had just over 4,000 photo's to go through and check, which I have managed to get down to 2,381 photo's for you to view.

The photo's have been spilt into 13 galleries, days and certain events, to help you find certain pictures easier.

Pictures will be enhanced on request of purchase, also they can be cropped to suit you. I would normally enhance all the photo's before showing them, but as theres over 2,000 I thought it would be best to show them sooner rather than later.

If you wish to purchase any of the photo's, please email myself and state the file number, gallery, along with an address and contact number. Photo's are sold as 7x5 at £6, A3 at £15, A4 at £10 and fridge magnets at £2.50. If your a band / group wanting a large amount of the photo's, I can burn on to CD for a fee. For payment, I except cash or cheque made payable to GIBSONGRAPHICS. Once the cheque has cleared, I will post/deliver your request.

Happy browsing

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